How Strong is Your Handshake?

The handshake is essential to every business deal; it's the physical bond between two parties engaged in agreement. A good handshake should be strong and confident without being too powerful or overbearing, and a good handshake should never resemble gripping a dead fish. 


How Strong is your Digital Handshake?

As strong as your physical handshake is, in the ever-changing world of technology, your digital handshake has to be even stronger; it can't resemble gripping a dead fish. The numbers don't lie:  

Now more than ever, getting your digital presence in front of local potential buyers is a requirement for mortgage brokers who wish to succeed. Whether you're looking to evolve from a producer into a business owner, or you're an established owner looking for a little more time away from the business, a strong Digital Handshake can enable both.  

A Digital Handshake with Grip

Nextview Group was founded in 2015 on the belief that local, referral-based mortgage lenders can compete and win in the digital era. We are a mortgage platform and personal media agency helping lenders with a strong physical presence create a Digital Handshake with grip. Nextview Group helps lenders reach home buyers first before other local agents or consumer-direct lenders do, and gives you an indisputable Realtor value proposition.

Do You Know The 5 Pillars of Digitization? 

Our Mission: Digitizing local mortgage planners and the realtors they serve to build thriving businesses. What does that mean? There are hundreds of ways to use technology to build a sustainable business. Anyone paying attention knows the future involves getting to clients first and then providing them with real value. How do we do it? There are 5 pillars of digitization for the mortgage pro that move the needle: Your value proposition, digital handshake, lead generation, lead conversion and creating clients for life.  

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain

When was the last time you thought seriously about your digital footprint?

Find Out How Strong Your Digital Handshake Is

The first step to developing a strong Digital Handshake is discovering how strong it already is. The Digital Handshake is one of five key components to building a digitized business. Taking a few minutes to complete the #DigitizedMLO Assessment will help you understand how to strengthen your grip and compete in an ever changing landscape. 

We All Keep Score. Know Yours.


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